FHIR® Starter
June 25-26, 2018
St. Petersburg
Join us for the first FHIR® Conference in Russia!
FHIR® STARTER is the first interactive conference in Russia dedicated to the HL7 FHIR® standard.

What to expect
Main Stage
Main program delivered by the creators of FHIR® (in English) and FHIR® use cases from Russian experts.
Small, interactive connectathons. Prizes for the winners and a chance to work directly with members of the HL7 FHIR® core team on the standard and its implementation!
Key Speakers
Our incredible speakers will share their knowledge with us for two days. Make sure to be here!
Health Intersections Ltd, Australia
Grahame Grieve is the FHIR® Product Director at HL7 and a principal at Health Intersections LTd. He is the inventor of FHIR® and project lead of the FHIR® Core Team. Grahame travels around the world giving lectures, guiding connectathons and advising governments, vendors and care providers about all aspects of interoperability. He was on the list of 15 Health IT Standards and Interoperability Rockstars to Know.
Gevity Inc, Canada
Lloyd McKenzie has been a key part of the FHIR® project since 2011. He is a member of the FHIR® Core Team and a senior consultant for Gevity Inc., based in Canada. Lloyd is an information architect with globally recognized expertise in healthcare data modeling and design. He is a co-chair of the FHIR® Management Group and co-chair of the FHIR® Infrastructure and Modelling and Methodology work groups. In addition to his work with FHIR®, he has a deep background in HL7 version 3, v2 and CDA. Within the FHIR® core team he helps manage community response and HL7 work group coordination.
CTO of Health Samurai, Russia
Nikolay Ryzhikov is the head of engineering for Health Samurai, a health IT company that has been developing custom solutions for healthcare clients since 2004. He is also the mastermind behind Aidbox, the first commercial FHIR backend platform to go to market in the US. Nikolay is a longtime activist in the Ruby & Clojure and metacommunity "PiterUnited" in St. Petersburg, and has been an evangelist for the the FHIR® standard since 2013.
Senior VP of Engineering at WaveAccess, Russia
Alexander Azarov is a manager with more than 16 years of experience and an impressive background on the development of complex software solutions: web services, mobile platforms, desktop solutions, and the development of projects based on machine learning and intellectual analytics. With him, the teams develop and support products for science-intensive industries, healthcare, and business. Other projects are Long term products development & support; Database design and scalability; Integrations; Life sciences software development; Parallel computing; Code & database optimization; Hospital systems implementation. He is the speaker at major conferences in the field of Big Data and machine learning.
CEO of Health Samurai, USA
Pavel is a serial entrepreneur, FHIR® trailblazer and the CEO of Health Samurai. His company has developed Aidbox, a FHIR® backend that makes it easy to build enterprise healthcare applications. He started working in healthcare IT in 2004 and led the development and implementation of a cloud inpatient EHR at three hospitals in California. Health Samurai has been using the FHIR® standard in real projects since 2012, and is an active participant in the FHIR® community. Pavel's expertise spans across health IT, strategy, medical standards (including FHIR®), and modern cloud technologies.
Systems architect of Netrika Co.Ltd. Developer
Vladimir Tourine is a systems architect at Netrika, a Russian software development company specializing in public services. He has over 10 years of experience in healthcare IT as a developer and analyst. Vladimir is one of the key developers of "N3.Healthcare", an e-health integrated framework used by 13 regions of Russian Federation.
Medical Information and Analytical Center
Evgeny Kogan is an expert in the field of medical informatics, with 20 years of experience managing the development and implementation of integrated information systems for medical organizations.
Currently, he is one of the ideologists of the development of regional information systems for public health in St. Petersburg. In 2016, he opted to use the FHIR® standard for a regional laboratory data exchange system. This system was the first major project on FHIR® in Russia, with its help today transferred more than 100 million tests per year, and technology is introduced in 7 regions of Russia
Medlinx Co.Ltd., Russia
Alexander Ivanov is the Head of Software Development at Medlinx. Medlinx is developing a FHIR®-based HIS-LIS integration platform, CDSS solution and integration modules for customers' integration systems. Alexander has extensive experience in integrating information systems in various fields: healthcare, telecommunications; he is well familiar with the value of standards for information exchange. Since 2017, Alexander has been promoting FHIR® implementation for all Medlinx APIs and managing migration of customers' legacy protocols to FHIR®.
CEO of Medlinx Co.Ltd., Russia
Ilia Semenov is the CEO of Medlinx. His company develops healthcare software for providers and is working on a FHIR®-based healthcare integration platform. Since 2017, Medlinx has been deploying a cloud-based HIS in Russia. Ilia has experience in information system integration in various areas: healthcare, billing.
Our Sponsors
Health Samurai is a health IT company on a mission to make it easy to build great healthcare apps. To support this vision, they built Aidbox, the first enterprise FHIR backend on the market. Health Samurai has been developing complex technologies for clients in the healthcare industry since 2004.

Over the last 18 years, WaveAccess has become a leading expert in executing complex IT projects. The company has built more than 280 solutions, and has received numerous awards such as The Technical Academy Award, Microsoft Partners Award, and more. WaveAccess is a full service custom IT development firm that drives digital transformation for healthcare and life sciences organizations of all sizes.

FHIR® STARTER Conference
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FHIR® STARTER Conference +
Entertainment Program
  • Basic Ticket (June 25-26)
  • Сonnectathon
  • Coffee, Lunches, Snacks, Refreshments
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Share your experience! If you use the FHIR® standard, feel free to contact us to become a speaker on one of our tracks. We're welcoming all FHIR implementers!
Join an active, passionate and engaged community of standards experts.

Tackle challenges that will spark your creativity.

Talk about topics that matter for your business.

Personal spotlight
Present your projects to the FHIR community.

To get your presentation spot, contact us at hello@health-samurai.io
Monday 25 June 2018
Registration and coffee break

Opening and a keynote: FHIR as a business
Pavel Smirnov, Health Samurai
Introduction to FHIR and FHIR community
Grahame Grieve, Health Intersections Ltd
Development of AI-based analytical systems for medical decision-making support
Alex Azarov, WaveAccess
FHIR as a platform for future healthcare apps
Nikolay Ryzhikov, Health Samurai

FHIR architecture considerations
Lloyd McKenzie, Gevity Inc
Ordering for laboratory research on FHIR. Medlinx experience
Alexander Ivanov, Medlinx
Robomed API: integration scenariоs for FHIR
Sergey Rykov, Robomed Network
The use of international information coding systems on case of building Tealnet medical platform
Ruslan Absalyamov, TealTech
Tuesday 26 June 2018
Health information system: integration approach
Vladimir Tourine, Netrika
Understanding terminology & the terminology service
Grahame Grieve, Health Intersections Ltd
Clinical decision support system on FHIR resources
Ilya Semenov, Medlinx

Business cases, what we're doing in Canada
Lloyd McKenzie, Gevity Inc
FHIR for the Saint-Petersburg HealthCare:
solved and forthcoming objectives

Evgeny Kogan, SPb MIAC
Connectathon results and closing speach

Join us!
June 25-26, 2018 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
The City
Enjoy the most beautiful and exquisite city in Russia!
Saint Petersburg, the "Venice of the North", is a renowned city with stunning European architecture, rich history, and endless entertainment.

Attending FHIR® STARTER is the perfect chance to enjoy this historic city while learning with FHIR experts. The cultural and intellectual capital of Russia will welcome you with its legendary Summer White Nights, illustrious drawbridges, and traditional desserts.
The Location
ERARTA, Modern Art Museum
FHIR Starter will be hosted at the largest private museum of contemporary art in Russian. At the heart of the museum, there lies an undying commitment to create a new relationship between humans and art. The most important person at Erarta is the viewer, and part of our planning is aimed at growing an appreciation and love for contemporary art. This is because we love art and we believe art can make anyone's life more happy, fulfilling and meaningful.
ERARTA, Modern Art Museum
Saint Petersburg, 29th line of Vasilievsky island, 2
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