FHIR Starter
25-26 June 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia
Welcome to the FHIR Starter Conference 2018 in St. Petersburg!
FHIR Starter is the first interactive conference in Russia, St. Petersburg, dedicated to the international FHIR standard.

Here is what to expect
Main stage
The main track from the creators of FHIR (in English).
Basics stage
Track dedicated to the basics of FHIR and its use (in Russian).
Interactive mini-connectathons (with prizes). Here you can work together with the members of the FHIR core team on the standard and its implementation!
If you already use or implement this standard in your work, you are welcome to share your experience on the tracks mentioned above.
Just email us at hello@health-samurai.io
Key Speakers
Our incredible speakers will share their knowledge with us for two days, make sure to be here!
Health Intersections Ltd, Australia
Grahame Grieve is the FHIR Product Director at HL7 and a principal at Health Intersections LTd. He is the inventor of FHIR and project lead of the FHIR Core Team. Grahame travels around the world giving lectures, guiding connectathons and advising governments, vendors and care providers about all aspects of interoperability. He was on the list of 15 Health IT Standards and Interoperability Rockstars to Know.
Gevity Inc, Canada
Lloyd McKenzie has been a key part of the FHIR project since 2011. He is a member of the FHIR Core Team and a senior consultant for Gevity Inc., based in Canada. Lloyd is an information architect with globally recognized expertise in healthcare data modeling and design. He is a co-chair of the FHIR Management Group and co-chair of the FHIR Infrastructure and Modelling and Methodology work groups. In addition to his work with FHIR, he has a deep background in HL7 version 3, v2 and CDA. Within the FHIR core team he helps manage community response and HL7 work group coordination.
CTO of Health Samurai, Russia
Nikolay Ryzhikov is a technical leader of the Health Samurai team, which creates a new generation medical system to automate the activities of doctors and medical personnel in the United States. For a long time he was an activist of the St. Petersburg community Ruby & Clojure and
meta-community "PiterUnited". He is an activist promoting the FHIR standard in the industry since 2013.
Senior VP of Engineering at WaveAccess, Russia
Alexander Azarov is a manager with more than 16 years of experience and an impressive background on the development of complex software solutions: web services, mobile platforms, desktop solutions, and the development of projects based on machine learning and intellectual analytics. With him, the teams develop and support products for science-intensive industries, healthcare, and business. Other projects are Long term products development & support; Database design and scalability; Integrations; Life sciences software development; Parallel computing; Code & database optimization; Hospital systems implementation. He is the speaker at major conferences in the field of Big Data and machine learning.
CEO of Health Samurai, USA
Pavel is a serial entrepreneur, FHIR trailblazer and the CEO of Health Samurai, a company that developed Aidbox, a FHIR backend that makes it easy to build enterprise healthcare applications. He started working in healthcare IT in 2004 and led the development and implementation of a cloud inpatient EHR at three hospitals in California. His company, Health Samurai, has been using the FHIR standard in real projects since 2012, and are active participants in the FHIR community. Pavel's expertise spans across health IT, strategy, medical standards including FHIR, and modern cloud technologies.
Systems architect of Netrika Co.Ltd. Developer
Vladimir Tourine is a systems architect at Netrika, Russia's software development company specializing in public services. He has over 10 years of experience in healthcare IT as a developer and analyst. Vladimir is one of the key developers of "N3.Healthcare", an e-health integrated framework used by 13 regions of Russian Federation.
Our Sponsors
The company develops a new generation medical system to automate the practices of doctors and medical personnel in the US, as well as other complex and highly loaded projects for the healthcare industry. For example, the FHIR solution Aidbox, simplifies the creation of complex applications for hospitals.

In the past 18 years, WaveAccess became the leading expert in resolving complex IT tasks. More than 280 solutions had been produced, and awards were received: The Technical Academy Award as well as Microsoft Partners Award and more. The company develops custom solutions for Life Sciences, Health Insurance, Healthcare, helping businesses to get competitive advantages, and driving digital transformation.

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Join us!
25–26 June / Saint-Petersburg / Russia
The City
Don't hesitate to enjoy the most beautiful and exquisite city in Russia!
Saint Petersburg or Venice of the North, is the city of bridges, European architecture and endless sights that are all worth seeing.

FHIR STARTER is the better way to both enjoy the city and become more knowledgeable. The cultural and intellectual capital of Russia will welcome you with the fabulous White Nights, legendary drawbridges, and traditional desserts.
Our Location
ERARTA, Modern Art Museum is the biggest global project in Russian contemporary art. At the heart of Erarta lies a totally unique approach to both the art and the viewer, a desire to build a new relationship system between people and art. The most important person at Erarta is the viewer and all our activity is aimed at growing the number of people who love and understand contemporary art. This is because we love art ourselves and we believe that love of art can make any individual's life more interesting, fulfilling and ultimately, happy
ERARTA, Modern Art Museum
Saint Petersburg, 29th line of Vasilievsky island, 2